What is the phobia of toilets?

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What is the phobia of toilets?

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The Phobia of Toilets or the Fear of Toilets is called Paruresis.

Paruresis is the fear or phobia of toilets and public toilets.

Most people who have Paruresis have a fear of using public toilets and there's no medical cause although it's normal for some people to be embarrassed about using a public toilet.

Some people have a fear of using a public toilet because other people can be in the restroom and hear the persons, farts, pee sounds, and grunting sounds as well as smell the poop etc.

But although some people are embarrassed we really should not be embarrassed because everyone on earth who is alive poops and pees.

Our farts smell, our pee makes noise and our poop can smell.

On some days we have more smelly poops which is normal and nothing to be really embarrassed about.

Paruresis is also known as urophobia, shy kidney, shy bladder, or bashful bladder syndrome.

The phobia of toilets from a medical perspective, is classified as an anxiety disorder.

Exposure work is a key technique utilized to overcome phobias and toilet phobia and situations that cause anxiety, such as using public toilets.

Exposure work is most successful when initial anxiety management techniques (e.g., slow/relaxed breathing, identifying and challenging unhelpful thoughts) are well practiced.

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