What does cold cocked mean?

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What does cold cocked mean?

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Cold Cocked means to knock someone out cold and unconscious.

The definition of cold cocked is to knock (someone) out, typically with a blow to the head.

To knock someone unconscious with a fist is to cold cock someone.

To cold cock someone is to punch that person hard enough that he or she passes out.

Cold cocking someone is more serious than a regular punch because it implies that someone has passed out from the punch.

To cold cock someone is a vicious move. It would not ever be done in play.

Cold cocking is a harsh and cruel move intended to cause a great amount of pain.

To coldcock someone may be written one of two ways: “coldcock” or “cold-cock.” Both function as verbs.

Coldcock is a slang term for punching.

There is no definite origin of the phrase, but it has been in use since the early 1900s.

One may think of bar fights when thinking of coldcocking someone.

Many movies also feature punches that show one person knocking another over by punching, so coldcocking is commonplace in movies.

It is possible to coldcock someone with something other than a fist also.

One may coldcock another person with an object. For example, hitting someone over the head with a bottle would be coldcocking that person if he or she passed out.

Knocking a person over with a baseball bat, the butt of a pistol, or a heavy item such as a vase would be coldcocking that person.

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