Will a 20 ton bottle jack lift a house?

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Will a 20 ton bottle jack lift a house?

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A 20 ton bottle jack will lift a house or at least a corner of the house.

I've used a 20 ton bottle jack to lift of a sagging wall on my house before to replace a rotten sill and level the house out before when it was sagging and it worked just fine.

However it's best to use 2 of those 20 ton jacks to help lift the house more easily.

Now if you're talking about lifting an entire house with bottle jacks a 20 ton bottle jack will not be enough of course as you will need more jacks to lift the entire house up.

If the entire house needs to be lifted up off it's foundation then beans and hydraulic jacking equipment should be used and it should be done by a professional house lifter.

They can more safely lift the house up so a new foundation can be put under the house.

But just jacking part of the house up bottle jacks will work just fine but put something such as a flat piece of steel under the boards of the house and on top of the bottle jack to avoid the jack going through the wood.

When jacking up the house go slowly and watch out for danger such as the jack sliding out etc.

Just go easy and you can jack up the house safely.

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