What are the benefits of Singapore citizenship?

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Singapore is an economically thriving country with one of the highest living standards among Asian countries. This culturally diverse nation provides a multitude of benefits to its citizens. When you acquire Singaporean citizenship, a vast array of benefits come your way, but since the country does not permit dual citizenships, you might have to give up your other one. To be eligible for citizenship in this country, you must have achieved the status of Permanent Residence for over two years.

If you hold a Singapore passport as a citizen of the country, you can travel without a visa or get visa-on-arrival to around 189 countries. This makes foreign travel incredibly accessible and easy for Singaporean citizens. It is one of the top countries whose citizens enjoy utmost travel freedom.

Once you become a citizen here, you are eligible to purchase many subsidised housing options developed by the Housing & Development Board. You can also avail various loans at a subsidised rate. Singaporean citizens only have to pay a lower amount in fees at schools and universities when compared to foreigners and permanent residents. Children with Singaporean citizenship are also eligible to access the EduSave Scheme that provides grants, scholarships and awards to well-performing students. Visit this website to know more about the benefits of Singapore citizenship.

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