What is on the CSCS exam?

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The Construction Skills Certification Scheme is a training verification conducted by a British firm for those who wish to be employed in the construction industry. The company provides a CSCS card that proves the holder's experience in matters related to health and safety at a construction site. The firm offers different types of CSCS cards depending on the individual's role at the site. Cards are provided to labourers, apprentices, managers, supervisors, etc. To receive a card, you must apply for the appropriate one online and take part in the corresponding test.

The exam conducted by the CSCS is called the Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) test. There are three types of tests, one which must be chosen by those who are applying for a CSCS card. The Operative exam, often taken up for the labourer, apprentice, and trainee card, consist of questions related to basic health, safety and environment knowledge.

The Manager and Professional test will consist of subjects from the Operative exam, along with information that is relevant to these professionals.

The Specialist HS&E test also analyses the examinees' awareness regarding operative knowledge. They also analyse the person's wisdom when it comes to the area they specialise in.  The materials for these exams can be availed from the CITB website. Visit CSCS Exam to know more about professional test.

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