Is dried meat bad for you?

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Is dried meat bad for you?

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In excess eating dried meat such as beef jerky can be bad for your health.

There have been studies that suggest that dried meats such as beef jerky can lead to cancer because the dried meats can be contaminated with mycotoxins which is a toxin that has been linked to cancer.

According to those studies the dried meat such as beef jerky may be contaminated with toxic substances called mycotoxins, which are produced by fungi that grow on meat and those toxins have been linked to cancer.

However it's generally safe to eat dried meat in moderation.

As long as you eat other healthier foods, get exercise, stay hydrated etc you should be safe eating dried meats or beef jerky.

The dried meat does contain protein and other nutrition so you do get some health benefits from dried meat but it's not the healthiest.

The healthiest dried meat is the meat you make at home because store bought dried meats such as beef jerky contain lots of sodium as well as some other preservatives but homemade beef jerky or dried beef will only contain what you put in it.

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