Where is Hodgkins Indiana?

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Where is Hodgkins Indiana?

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The town or city of Hodgkins Indiana does not actually exist even though it's listed on UPS tracking.

The Hodgkins Indiana is actually just a UPS hub that is a stop before Hodgkins Illinois.

So while Hodgkins Indiana does not exist the town or city of Hodgkins Illinois does exist but Hodgkins Indiana is just a UPS hub.

The town of Hodgkins IL is located in Cook County, IL southwest of Chicago.

While Hodgkins INDIANA is not a city, it is merely a UPS hub however it is located somewhere in Ohio and is close to the border with Indiana.

The reason is that Indiana allows only double trailers at max, while Ohio and Illinois allow triple trailers.

That had me confused as well when I tracked a package and noticed Hodgkins Indiana and Hodgkins Illinois while I had heard of Hodgkins Illinois I never knew about Hodgkins Indiana and when I did some research I found out it was just a UPS hub.

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