How can I make my house more energy efficient in the winter?

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How can I make my house more energy efficient in the winter?

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You can help make your house more energy efficient in the winter by sealing up any air leaks around doors, windows, electrical outlets and air leaks around where water pipes come into your house.

Sealing those air leaks can help keep the cold air out of your house and help keep the heat inside your house.

Feel around windows and see if you feel cool or cold air coming in through the windows and if so use some caulking to seal around the windows.

Also use some plastic shrink wrap over the interior of the windows to help hold the heat inside the house and keep the cold air.

Install insulating curtains or put some foam inside the window that you're not needing to look out as that can help keep the heat inside the house too.

Even putting heavy blankets over the windows and closing window blinds helps to keep heat in.

However if the sunshine is out and your window gets some sun then opening the curtains or window blinds can help heat up the house some.

Adding more insulation in your walls and attic and insulating your floor joists can also help keep the house warmer and save on your energy bills.

If you can consider replacing your old windows with new insulated replacement windows as they can pay for themselves in the heating bill savings over 5 years.
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