Are snails tasty?

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Are snails tasty?

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When snails are cooked properly the snails are tasty and taste sort of like chicken and fish.

Snails are nice to eat.

Although it may sound disgusting at first and it may take some time to get used to eating a snail the snail actually tastes pretty good.

The snails have a taste that is like fish or chicken, with an earthiness reminiscent of mushrooms.

At first I thought the snails would be disgusting when I first tried them at my friends house one day.

Eventually I decided to try it and it was actually delicious.

The snails have a meaty texture to them and are moist inside and take on the flavor of whatever sauce they're cooked in.

Cooking the snails in some good sauce and preparing them properly can make the snails taste really good.

I always thought snails were disgusting to eat but after trying the snails at my friends house I started enjoying them.

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