What surgery has the longest recovery time?

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What surgery has the longest recovery time?

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Spinal Fusion Surgery is considered the surgery that takes the longest time to recover from.

The cosmetic surgical procedure that takes the longest to recover from is Liposuction and other weight loss surgeries.

The reason walking is important after surgery is the walking gets your blood flowing and promotes the healing of your body after surgery.

Failure to walk enough after surgery can cause increased constipation and gas pain and weakness, and puts you at a higher risk for infections, blood clots and lung problems such as pneumonia.

Also the reason it's important to pass gas after surgery is because passing gas after your surgery is a good sign that your bowels are returning to normal.

This is why after your surgery your doctors or caregivers will ask you if you have passed any gas so they can tell if your surgery has went through good and your bowels are working properly.

Also it's very normal to not have a bowel movement for 4 to even 5 days after your surgery.

If you're not passing gas after surgery it's not always a bad thing but most people who do have surgery do need to pass gas after the surgery and that's a really good sign.

It can be embarrassing to be asked if you've passed gas but it's not as bad as it seems.

I was asked by my doctors in the hospital if I was passing gas and I wasn't sure why they asked that until I asked them why.

They said it was just standard procedure to ask patients after surgery if they passed gas because it was a sign my bowels were returning to normal.

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