Do loan companies check your bank account?

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Do loan companies check your bank account?

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answered Dec 26, 2019 by Oliphant (6,070 points)
Yes some loan companies do want to check and verify your bank account.

The loan company may call up your bank account and verify the bank account as well as verify your income or the deposits coming in.

Some loan companies fill out a proof or verification of deposit (POD/VOD) request forms and send them to your bank.

The loan company usually wants to ensure you have a bank account in good standing and that you're not lying about the bank account.

The loan company wants to be sure you can pay it back and they may have you pay back the loan through automatic withdraws from your bank account.

So be sure to get all the information about the loan.
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answered Dec 29, 2019 by swipka777 (4,610 points)

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I think it’s illegal and they can’t do it
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answered Dec 30, 2019 by Marinad (2,580 points)

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