Is key to happiness to stop watching the news?

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asked Dec 2, 2019 in Television by a90efere (310 points)
Is key to happiness to stop watching the news?

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answered Dec 2, 2019 by Jasire (26,200 points)
The key to happiness is to avoid stressful situations and do happy things instead of watching sad things or hearing sad news.

I quit watching the news on TV and viewing news online a few years ago now and I've noticed I've been happier and less stressed out.

Whenever I would watch the news or view the news online there would always be some tragedy that was happening and It bothered me to hear about it.

For example kids getting killed in car crashes, murders etc it all saddened me and I could not stop thinking about those stories which kept me up at night a lot.

After no longer watching the news viewing the news I sleep better because I don't worry about those things that I cannot control.
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answered Dec 2, 2019 by acidicwithpanic (1,060 points)
I no longer watch the news either.

But I do go to my local news website once in awhile to check up on a bit of news and usually though I find things bad happening more than I find something good being reported.

However I do sometimes read of something good happening which makes me happy and makes me glad that I viewed the news that day.

I browse the news website for maybe 10 to 20 minutes for the happier things on the news and then close the website out.

I never look at or read the bad news because I get really depressed if I do.

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