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asked Oct 1, 2022 in Employment & Careers by WilliamClapton (120 points)

I want to try to make some money in online casinos. But is it safe? 

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answered Oct 10, 2022 by Ameristands (4,110 points)
Online casinos are safe as long as you play the legit online casinos.

Do your research on the online casino to ensure it is a legit online casino.

Many people do make some money on online casinos but you have to watch out for scams.
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answered Oct 13, 2022 by AbrahamShnider (8,550 points)

Hey! I actually have quite a few hobbies. I really love heavy metal and am now learning to play electric guitar so that I can play some of my favorite guitar riffs. Also now I am studying vocals and extreme vocals, it is very interesting, but difficult!
As you may have noticed, my life is really incredibly busy and in order to relax a little, I often play at this casino:
All I need to relax is a glass of wine and a little play of my favorite slots. What could be better?

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answered Jan 22 by gorr (1,310 points)

There are many good sites where you can make money online. I use online casinos, all I have to do is go in and register to start playing. Most of the games you can find at are slot machines. There are also table games that you can enjoy, including various variations of poker, baccarat, roulette and blackjack.

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