How long does it usually take to find a job?

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asked Apr 3, 2018 in Employment & Careers by Rosaryb (290 points)
How long does it usually take to find a job?

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answered Apr 3, 2018 by Adf289 (42,250 points)
Depends on how many applications you put in but most people find a job within a month or 2 of putting in the job applications.

If you're lucky you could land a job within a week after putting in the application for the job.
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answered Apr 17, 2019 by palone (2,740 points)
It all depends on your efforts and luck.
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answered Apr 18, 2019 by Karont (2,270 points)

Depends on the type of job. In a good economy, I could walk into a temp office and have a job starting the next Monday. For a tech sector job, it could take 3 months even in a good economy. I recommend to search vacancies online, it is the most effective way nowadays. You can use such special websites like Jobsora it is quite comfortable.

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Hey! It depends on your qualifications and what kind of job do you want to get. Honestly, I would recommend that you try some job agency services for it. If you are interested in finding a really great job, I recommend having a look at this page. The professionals there will surely help you with this task, and you will be happy with it. Good luck!

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