Have you ever peed on your teacher

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I have peed on my teacher in Kindergarten.

Back around 1993 when I was in Kindergarten I had asked the teacher to let me go to the restroom.

She said no and that I had to wait.

But I could not wait and so I got mad at her and then just whipped out my penis and peed all over her dress she was wearing.

She got mad and sent me to the principals office.

However the principal sided with me and said she should've let me use the toilet.

She always let me use the toilet after that. lol
commented Oct 12 by diapermouse (4,000 points)
Lol that happened to me too.

I had a teacher who would not let me use the toilet when needed and I also peed on her on purpose.

That is funny and I thought I was the only one who did that.

I want to give you a high five. :)
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answered Oct 12 by diapermouse (4,000 points)
Yes I did pee on my teacher in Kindergarten before.

I remember asking her to allow me to use the toilet but she refused and I had to pee really bad.

So I just pulled down my pants and peed all over her.

I was sent to the principals office but didn't get into trouble.

I told the principle that I just needed to use the toilet but she wouldn't allow me to.

She was told after that to allow us to use the toilet when we actually needed too.

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