Have you ever seen a kid hump his car seat strap after pooping his diaper?

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asked Oct 4 in AB/DL by Baque2021 (470 points)
I just found out that my now twelve-year-old cousin has a thing for poopy diapers. He has always pooped big hard ones, and from as far back as a baby around nine months, has had this thing he does whenever he poops in his diapers. When he was a baby, I swear, he would hump in his car seat, walker, high chair, or on his crib mattress, the couch, the floor, and he would grab himself between the legs with both hands, break a sweat, turn red in the face, stare with glassy eyes, and make grunting and panting noises. When lying on his belly on the floor or wherever, you would see this huge, hard poop sticking out as he humped, the diaper holding it against his butt. It seems like a lot of boys in my family do this to some extent, but this boy really gets into his poop. Have you ever seen or heard of such a thing, and if so, is this why he is so into pooping diapers at age twelve?

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answered Oct 4 by Dukeanus (870 points)
My 3 year old son who is not potty trained does the humping things in his diaper when he's either wet or poopy or both.

He has humped in the car seat as well and I can tell he has pooped because it smells.

His almost 2 year old brother does the same thing when he's wet or poopy.

What some people think is the toddler or child playing when they are in diapers is actually humping.

I used to do the same thing when I was in diapers as well.

A 12 year old wearing diapers and having a thing for poopy diapers is normal as well.

I've read about many 12 year olds and even younger and older having a thing for poopy diapers while some just prefer wet diapers.

Your 12 year old cousin is into diapers and is likely what they call a diaper lover as being a diaper lover can start at a very young age.

Toddlers will hump many things when in diapers and even when they are not in diapers which is normal.

They will even sometimes grab their penis when in diapers and even my almost 2 year old started trying to grab his penis and play with it as early as 9 months old when he discovered it.

He would try to rip the diaper apart to get to the penis.

It's very normal.

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