What is your favorite poop texture and consistency?

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Before I go on explaining, let me tell you that I am in no way a diaper lover or an adult baby, though I use my childhood memories as a way of coping with my bowel incontinence. I don't do what I used to as a child in diapers, but there are times when I will stand in my own bathroom and enjoy the warmth of the poop against my butt, though I don't rub, sit in, or squish it in any way. After a minute or so, I will change myself and move on. Diarrheal incontinence is what I hate about this whole thing, but sometimes, if I have a firm BM, I will let go in the diaper in my own bathroom every once in a great while. Now, for the question topic..

When I was a toddler, my favorite poop was the firm stuff that I would push out in my diaper, the kind that, when you sit on the big mass, it flattens slowly into a pancake and though you can't hear it, it sort-of pops and crackles against your butt as it flattens slowly and you can feel it as it does so. As a two-year-old in diapers, if I wasn't rubbing it on my butt, which I referred to often as "pooping my butt," I would sit on the carpeted floor at the top of the stairs and just sit stalk-still as the poop pancaked slowly against my butt and spread to encompass my butt cheeks and my perineum. It felt so good and so warm, and as it spread forward against my perineum, it had a feel to it that I really don't have words to explain, but I will try my best. It definitely felt warm and moist, not too messy, but with some adherance to it. It would stick to my butt and perineum when I stood up. It had a sort-of feel like tiny bumps or something that sort-of made a soft, slow scratching feeling with a great deal of upward pressure when I leaned forward and it spread along my perineum. I also like the smell of that dry pebble poop that a lot of milk drinking toddlers fill their diapers with, a sort-of dry earthy smell that isn't all too unpleasant.

I must also include that size matters too with a lot of these kids who enjoy their poop. As with my two-year-old little brother and my little nephew, too, they both like firm balls of poop the approximate size of tennis balls. So did I when I was around that age. Another thing I liked about the tennis-ball-poop was the fact that, if you were standing up and the natural pull of gravity made the poop slide slowly down to the lowest point in your diaper (the narrow part between the inner thighs on a standing child,) you could sway slowly from side-to-side on your fat toddler legs, and when the bulk of the diaper came in contact with one inner thigh or the other, depending on which way you were swaying at the time, the poop ball would shift slowly to the left or the right on your perineum as you swayed to the right and to the left. If you move to the right, the poop would shift to the left, and when you move to the left, it would shift to the right.

Another thing I found pleasurable with the tennis-ball poops is when, if I was wearing pants over my diaper, and say that I had just pooped, I could squat not all the way down to the floor, but half-way, and when the butt of the jeans drew tight due to the flexing of my legs at both the hips and the knees, it would push the warm poop ball forward from my butt crack to about the half-way mark of my perineum, between my butt and scrotum. I would remain in that position for at least three seconds before standing back up slowly, thus releasing the tension on the butt of my pants and allowing my poop to return to its original position. Then, about five or six seconds later, I would repeat this activity. I really did enjoy this, and I always made sure that I was away from people so they wouldn't know I had pooped. To this day, not a single family member knows I did this sort of stuff as a toddler.

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I tend to prefer a hard poop.

However I also love the mushy softer poop as well.

Even when I have diarrhea in my diaper that also feels great but harder poops or softer poops feel more awesome.

I pooped my diaper right now and it's a softer poop and pretty soft and mushy.

I'm gonna sleep in the poop diaper tonight which is what I like.

I also loved poop diapers when a toddler and would rub my poop against things to mush it around.

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