Do all babies get cradle cap?

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Do all babies get cradle cap?

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Not all babies get cradle cap.

Only around 10 percent of baby boys and 9.5 percent of baby girls have cradle cap.

Cradle cap in babies is very common, but little is known about what exactly causes it.

This is one reason it can be hard to remove or prevent cradle cap.

Cradle Cap does eventually go away on it's own even without treatment.

Eventually cradle cap will go away on it's own without treatment.

However you really should use some cradle cap shampoo or any other shampoo that is formulated for dealing with cradle cap.

Usually after the baby reaches a year old or 2 years old the cradle cap will usually go away but it can vary from baby to baby.

More severe cases of cradle cap may take longer to go away than less severe cases of cradle cap.

Surprisingly as of now there's no known cause of babies and toddlers developing cradle cap.

One known possible cause of cradle cap in babies and toddlers is a hormone that is passed from the mother to the baby before the birth of the baby.

The hormones that are passed on to the baby from the mother cause overproduction of sebum which is a natural oil in the babies hair oil glands and hair follicles.

Also cradle cap is not contagious nor is it caused by not keeping the babies hair clean etc.

You can use some baby shampoo or other shampoo formulated to help clean up cradle cap and wash the babies hair 3 to 4 times per week and use a brush or comb to help remove the flakes of cradle cap from the baby.

As the baby gets older the cradle cap will usually go away without any treatment and if the baby does lose some hair they will eventually grow the hair back.

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