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About: Yulya is a social media and communication expert with over a decade of hands-on experience.
Yulya helps to analyse International dating sites and apps, works on social media strategy and loves answering questions on Reddit. While analysing websites and mobile apps, Yulya created many profiles and unfortunately got also scammed. So she is familiar with the dark side of online dating, too.

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Why do Ukrainian women prefer foreign men?

Ukrainian women are tending toward pursuing foreign men for several reasons:

Foreign Men Find Them More Beautiful Than Local Men

Local men don’t always see Ukrainian ladies as beautiful, perhaps because they are so used to the appearance of Ukrainian women. Foreign men find Ukrainian ladies to be exceptionally beautiful and they also treat these ladies as special goddesses they can treat and woo.

Foreign men appreciate the family values and positive outlook of Ukrainian ladies, which is why they actively pursue these women. When someone chases after you, it’s flattering and appealing. This is partly why Ukrainian women appreciate the international interest and more open-minded attitude of foreign men.

Ukrainian women often travel abroad in pursuit of their careers, which introduces them to foreign men, who are instantly smitten by these ladies’ beauty and positivity.

There Are Fewer Men in Ukraine Than Women

Due to a past rife with war, Ukraine has a disparity between the number of men and women in the Ukraine. There are fewer men in Ukraine than Ukrainian women. Foreigners are welcomed with open arms as the introduction of more men to Ukraine is desirable.

Women far outnumber the men in Ukraine, which makes it challenging to find a suitable single to match with. International dating has grown in leaps and bounds with many Ukrainian women looking for a man outside of Ukraine. Foreign men offer an opportunity for a Ukrainian woman to meet a man who will cherish and value her.

Find Foreign Men Attractive

Ukrainian women find foreign men to be handsome, and these ladies are especially attracted to men who share similar family values.
Dec 4, 2022 by Yuliya Blogger
Why do you like to post secrets on Tinder?

Why do people use social media such as Tinder to post their personal secrets (aka #dirtylaundry) in public? Surely, such sensitive issues are best kept for your own personal network of friends, and not on open channels like Tinder, Quora, and Bumble?

Yet, people often hang their laundry up for the world to see. The reasons for this may be surprising.

Reasons You May Share Secrets on Tinder

1. Sharing Secrets Gets Your More Likes
People instantly feel drawn to those who “open up” and share secrets. If you read someone else’s posts on Tinder where they bare all and share a secret, you may want to connect and comfort them. Essentially, you are satisfying their need for attention.

2. It’s a Dating Strategy
Seeming to be vulnerable can also attract kindhearted matches on Tinder. Sympathy can be a great way to meet up with empaths and find a soft place to crash (which we all need at the end of the day).
Dec 4, 2022 by Yuliya Blogger