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What is the dark side of falling in love?

We are raised on the idea of falling in love being the best thing ever. The resulting expectations are super high, and from that first Valentine’s heart to your first date, you are gearing up for what could ultimately be failure.

Falling in love has a dark side.

When you fall in love, you also open yourself up to some unpleasant feelings and experiences that are often less talked about (and so we’re less prepared on how to handle them). For starters, when you fall in love, you can:

-- Experience Heartache
To have your heart completely occupied with someone else means you may not see a breakup coming, which will leave you devastated.

-- Less Time for Yourself
When you are in love, you spend every waking moment with the person you love, or you spend that time thinking about the person you love. It’s not a healthy way to live when you have less and less time for yourself. The result is that your inner child will suffer.

-- You Lose Friends
Friends don’t always want to share us, and they may not approve of the person our heart has chosen, which could lead to the ending of a friendship.

-- The Good Side of Love Can Be Blinding
Being in love, with little hearts buzzing overhead and butterflies singing to you as you sigh, can be blinding. You don’t see the flaws of the other person, which also means you don’t see the whole person or any relationship red flags.

If you aren’t careful, you can end up loving the idea of the person and not the person as they are. However, falling in love with the right person is a slow and steady growth that forms the foundation of a lifelong relationship.
Dec 4, 2022 by Riley Expert
Why do American men love Eastern European women?

International dating has skyrocketed in recent years, with American men leading the charge as they search for love in Eastern Europe. The reasons are many, but all come down to a simple fact: Eastern European women make great wives.

The women from countries like Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and other Slavic countries share a few common characteristics that make them excellent wives:

- They are beautiful.
- They make every effort to dress up and take care of their appearance.
- They are well-educated and great conversational partners.
- They are loyal to their husbands (especially when their husbands treat them right).
- They are devoted to family.
- They make great mothers.
- They are hard working, adding to the family income where they can.

There is something mysterious about the ladies from Eastern Europe.

Communication with Eastern European ladies is easier than with ladies from other foreign countries, as there’s less of a language barrier (because it’s likely that they are highly educated and speak some English).

Their traditional upbringing makes Eastern European ladies more accepting of the “man as the head of the house” idea.

The build of many ladies from Eastern Europe is more refined, with athletic bodies being prevalent.

Since family matters to them, women from Eastern Europe are keen to have children, where many American women no longer choose to put career over kids.
Dec 4, 2022 by Riley Expert

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