How can I get over my Social Anxiety?

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asked Jan 8, 2017 in Other- Society & Culture by Alect (120 points)
I'm 18 and all my life I've had social anxiety and am very shy around others.

It's so bad that I look out my windows to make sure no neighbors are outside before I go outside my house.

Whenever I need to call someone or take a call my heart starts racing as soon as I pickup the phone or the phone rings.

I get very uncomfortable around people. My mom says even when I was a baby I didn't like others holding or getting near me.

I hate that I have this social anxiety and shyness and want to cure it.

I can't even muster up the courage to apply for jobs as I'd be uncomfortable in the job interview.

And I really need a job because my parents won't be around to support me forever.

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answered Jan 8, 2017 by chad (11,630 points)
I don't think it will every completely go away. I believe you have social Anxiety for life.

I have it myself but I do find that over time my social anxiety is a lot better now than it was in years past.

I still have trouble once in awhile talking to other people on the phone or in person too.

But I find now that it's not as big of a problem to talk to people on the phone or in person.

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