What are the different types of NFT?

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Authorizing digital assets has become a new necessity as digital content creators face the trouble of theft and copying. Recently, NFTs emerged as the best digital tokens to represent and monetize digital entities. 

As the creator's content is available in formats like files, blogs, coded software, images, video animations, or even meme pictures, the corresponding NFTs are also available for all documents. If you search directly for types of NFT, you might get varied categories according to different perceptions. 

Broadly the NFTs have types like NFT artwork for digital paintings that don't need auctions and real print. NFT music for global sale of musical recordings without depending on labels and production houses. NFT fashion to design virtual replicas of physical products. Memes are also getting NFT meme tokens for permanent ownership and trade. Digital platform developers like databases and front-end software for websites and e-games can also be designed as NFTs for claiming ownership. Check out here to know more about NFT hats.

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There is a lot of way to use NFT technology, one of them is food traceability https://authena.io/food-traceability/

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