What is the best age to send child to daycare?

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The busy lives that most parents lead prompt them to seek out alternate options for taking care of their young children. It has almost become the norm in many regions to place your child at a daycare such as buddle nurseries as soon as they are old enough.

While there isn’t a universally prescribed age by which all parents send their kids to daycare, the generally accepted number is two years. The first twelve months of your child’s life should ideally be spent at home with family members or a caregiver whose sole responsibility is to take care of the child’s needs. After the child turns a year old, the parents can start considering if they should send him/her to a daycare facility. Before you make concrete plans to send your toddler to a daycare, you must consider his/her stress levels and how it could be affected when separated from you. Only send them to these centres for a few hours at a time in the beginning. 

By being at a daycare facility, these toddlers develop social skills that they wouldn’t have acquired just by interacting with their parents. 

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