What kind of bingo games are there?

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Bingo is a popular gambling game played by people of all ages. Bingo sessions are not restricted to casinos and take place in various other settings and locations. There are a few different types of Bingo games that are most commonly played around the world.

30 ball bingo is the quickest game of the lot and is played using 3X3 cards with nine numbers. Just like the name suggests, only 30 balls are used at a time, and the game wraps up pretty soon after it begins.

75 ball bingo is extremely popular in North American countries and is played using a 5x5 grid card. While 24 numbers are filled in this card, the centre square is left empty. Players win by getting all the numbers in a row, column or diagonal.

80 ball bingo is mostly played on online platforms. This type of bingo uses a 4x4 card with sixteen squares. Each column is filled using a number range and to win, the player must mark an entire row.

90 ball bingo is enjoyed all around the world and each card in this variation of the game come with 15 numbers. The winners of this game are determined in various phases such as the person with the first entire row, the person with two rows and the final winner with all the numbers in their card marked. Check out here to know more about the best bingo app.

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