Which polishing cloth is mostly used for polishing of materials?

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Polishing cloths are used for removing various kinds of unwanted substances and getting rid of scratches on metals. A good polishing cloth will prevent dullness and return the shine of various metallic objects in your home.

Selvyt cloth is one of the most commonly used polishing cloths and is used for both the first and final polishing of various materials. Jewellers use Selvyt and Hagerty clothes to make their metallic items shine.

Hard clothes such as woven nylon and Met-X polishing clothes are used for rough polishing. These materials are used alongside diamond and alumina, and they help maintain edges while cutting quite well. Cotton is used as a first polish cloth on softer materials.

Alpha-A and Alpha-B polishes are often used in the final polish of various materials.  While Alpha-A is used with diamond and alumina, Alpha-B is its variation and works without any thinners.  

Synthetic Velvet, Rayon velvet and MultiTex cloths are often used in the final polishing of various materials. Rayon velvet cloths are used in the final polish of substances such as gold, tin and lead.

You can use microfiber cloths to get rid of fingerprints on different items such as watches. Check out here to know more about Polish Tees.

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