Can you wear magnetic lashes every day?

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Magnetic lashes do not involve the mess and all the extra work that come with traditional fake lashes that make use of lash glue. Magnetic lashes are easy to apply and remove and they make your eyes look beautiful. Most magnetic lashes come as a set of lashes that can be placed above and below your natural eyelashes. The magnet in the lashes click together and stay in place. If the ends seem to stick out, you can cut the lashes and customise them. Some magnetic lashes require you to apply a thin layer of magnetic eyeliner on your upper lid. Once the eyeliner dries, you can place the magnetic lash which will attach itself to the eyeliner. 

Dermatologists discourage individuals from wearing magnetic lashes every day. When you first try a pair of lashes, see whether you develop an allergic reaction to them, before you wear them out on a public event.

Daily use of magnetic eyelashes could lead to complications such as traction alopecia and damage to your natural lashes. Traction alopecia refers to the damage caused to hair due to it being pulled regularly. When using magnetic lashes, remember to be gentle during both the application and removal processes. Click here to know more about Magnetic Eyelashes.

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