What is the purpose of Tutoring?

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asked May 27, 2020 in Teaching by RoseannDillon (7,900 points)

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answered May 27, 2020 by IsiahHenderson (11,490 points)

The main idea or the purpose of Tutoring is to always provide an individual with some additional knowledge that will help him/her achieve their goals. Since receiving knowledge from all corners is essential to the overall aspect of learning, a good tutor always ensures to make matters progressive. He/she should be able to figure out the emotional state of mind of their class and make effective paths through which they can proceed. Considering the importance of a healthy mind, Tutoring should never be only about assignments but also about understanding each other and learning to grow together. Check out FamilyTutor to know more about Tutoring.

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answered Jun 4, 2020 by Jeraldo (4,980 points)

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answered May 29 by Grant (1,760 points)
Tutoring is very important, especially if you are in medical school. Because this is one of the highest ways of acquiring knowledge - to share it with other people, to teach them what you have learned. Tutoring allows students to better absorb lessons that are simply practiced or studied alone.
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answered May 29 by Harolddoo (650 points)

Each student after graduation needs to enter a university and this directly depends on the results of the given tests. Often they influence the choice of an educational institution. The sooner you start preparing for your exams, the better. I trained with https://www.medicmind.co.uk/gamsat-online-course/ because I want to become a doctor and I need to get the right level of knowledge. I think many students use similar courses.

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