Is GoPro a Good Dash Cam?

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Using a GoPro as a dashcam is something that has both pros and cons. On one side, it does have the looping feature that is included in most dash cameras. This enables you to a bunch of features that is easily accessible. But apart from that, the device can be pretty expensive to replace in case of damage. There are numerous uses for a GoPro, and it seems to be a sensible choice to use the same for that. A dash camera is a bit different and ideal for your car when compared to a GoPro. Check out anker dash cam to know more about dash camera.

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answered Dec 3, 2019 by lulumeon (40,870 points)
Yes a GoPro camera is a great dash camera and you can easily mount the Gopro camera to your windshield or dash using either a suction cup or a mounting bracket for your dash.

I love that I can just tell the Gopro camera to start recording without having to touch it as it makes it safer where I don't have to reach over and touch the camera to turn it on.

Just say GoPro start recording and it begins recording.

The GoPro has great video image quality as well and I like it better than my old dash cam I have had before.

Dash cameras are great for evidence in the event someone else causes a crash and tries to blame you.

The video never lies.

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