How long does it take for a business to be profitable?

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asked Nov 21, 2019 in Marketing - Advertising by IsiahHenderson (20,550 points)

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answered Nov 21, 2019 by RoseannDillon (12,560 points)

The success of a business depends on the time when they reach the set mark of revenue. On average, businesses take up to 4 years to establish the basement of the business to have a stable run in the market. To make a startup as successful as the founder dreamt it to be, it can take up 10 years. But there are several milestones that a company can enjoy during their endeavors such as on getting incorporated, on launching a website, on reaching an aimed audience. Visit here to know more about the business.

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answered Dec 6, 2019 by nikol (2,230 points)
It all depends on how much your business has been modernized, how many people work and what you do. But you can always reduce your costs for time in the business, the main thing is to properly organize the work.
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answered Dec 6, 2019 by noah015 (2,600 points)

I agree with you, which is why I use the services of the company which was able to modernize the work of my entire business, improve productivity and bring a fresh look. After all, it is very important to establish the work of the whole team, then it will work more efficiently.

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answered Aug 27, 2020 by Jeraldo (4,980 points)

When you have been in business for many years, you understand where you can cut costs. Half a year ago, I made the decision to open a company in Singapore. With this I was helped by the company Osome, which helps foreign citizens register their business in their country. Every day there is news that businesses are closing, and tax cuts helped me stay afloat.

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