What video format is the best for websites?

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asked Nov 29, 2018 in Blogging by Karont (5,560 points)
What video format is the best for websites?

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answered Nov 29, 2018 by jambi66441 (240 points)
If you're hosting the website videos on your web hosting account with your web host then I personally would use the WebM format which seems to be supported by all browsers.

Another alternative would be to just host the video through Youtube and then embed the video into your website and allow Youtube to do the hosting of the video which would save you bandwidth and server space.

But for hosting the video yourself I would use the WebM video format or MP4 format so it will work with most browsers.
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answered Dec 4, 2018 by palone (5,590 points)

I prefer mp4 format. You can easily and fast convert almost any format you have to mp4 with special video converter for Windows and Mac. Here is a good guide for this purpose www.videoconverter.com/how-to-convert-m4v-to-mp4.html this task is quite simple.

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