What is the difference between headphones and earphones?

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No difference)

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The terms headphones and earphones are often interchangeably used. They might serve the same purpose but still have some differences in terms of usage, looks and design. Headphones are basically two speakers attached to a wire. Headphones usually provide an immersive listening experience, and you can get sound delivered directly into your ears. Earphones, on the other hand, have a padded earmuff which makes it easy for people to listen to music when they are on the move. It is suitable for runners, athletes, gym-goers etc. Visit this website to know more about headphones.

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There is no clear difference, the words have been used mostly interchangeably since they were invented. I recommend to buy only high quality headphones and don't save money on this. Quality of sound is very important. Like example check these models from best headphones for video editing review - has-sound.com, they are really cool!

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