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asked Jun 23, 2018 in Internet by palone (1,820 points)
Do you know some people who won in casino? How much?

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answered Jun 24, 2018 by Avarado (17,440 points)
I've once went to a Casino and I lost $500.00 playing the Casino Games before I had to stop before I went even more broke but I did have fun so I guess it was worth it.

A friend of mine however is really good at those Casino Games and he won $25,000.00.

Although in reality he never made any money or gained any money since he spent over $50,000.00 over the years in Casinos playing games before he got good enough at it to win.

You have to be really great at those games to win anything as most of those games are rip offs but you can have fun but be aware that you may lose a lot of money even if you do gain some winnings eventually.
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answered Jun 25, 2018 by Karont (1,520 points)

Yes well of course, that’s why casinos are so attractive for players and why people keep coming back to try to get that “big win”! For example watch this video Top 5 Big wins on Book of dead slot by Play’n GO 2018, quite interesting!

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People often start out gambling as a hobby for the likes of entertainment and some play due to addiction.

When people play for entertainment purposes, they often visit the casino one a month and spend a few hundred dollars. When people are addicted to gambling, however, they result in attending the casino weekly, or even daily in severe cases of addiction.

If one is addicted to gambling, it is usually seen as an addiction, and when participating in online gaming, it might even get worse than merely visiting a casino, to begin with. Visit to know more.

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answered Jan 24 by Mark Duffy (1,180 points)

Yes. I know people. My friends. They love to gamble and they are good at it. I'm inspired. I decided to try myself in this business. My friends told me the secret. The most important thing is to say "stop"in time. Now I'm learning this I play in real online casino nz.This site I was advised by my friends. They are easy to withdraw money and have many favorite slots. You can wish me luck! I suggest you try it, too!

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