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asked Feb 1 in Other-Cars/Transportation by Grem555 (960 points)
The other day I am going to fly to Germany on a business trip. Please advise a good company which is engaged in transfers from airports to hotels and that you can also be a small excursion by car.

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answered Feb 1 by Bob123 (1,000 points)

I can recommend limousine service munich.  I used their services recently myself, very good service. The cars are top-notch. All of them are clean, beautiful and well-groomed. And most importantly, the cars are new. You can be sure that a new car will come to you. And not a rarity from 1985. My family and I plan to visit several countries in Europe. I think they have representative offices not only in one city, but also in different countries. We will use their services.

commented Feb 1 by Marly256 (910 points)
Thanks for the good advice. I think just in case the phone numbers of even such services should be there.

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