Help needed for upcoming medical exam

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asked Jan 27 in Law/Ethics by Garettt (4,500 points)
I am a medical student and I am currently struggling with preparing for my upcoming medical exams. I am in dire need of a good tutor who can guide me through the material and help me understand the concepts better. Can anyone recommend a tutor who has experience in teaching medical exams and has a proven track record of helping students pass their exams?

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answered Feb 28 by Uters12 (17,270 points)

Hi, I understand your problem, many kids don't like math and don't want to learn it, not because they don't understand it, but because math is poorly taught and it's not interesting. You could try these louisville math tutor, which are designed to get kids interested in the subject. All in all, I hope I was able to help you.Compatibility: You should feel comfortable with your math teacher and feel that they are invested in your success. If you feel like your personalities clash or you don't connect with your teacher, it may be difficult to learn from them.

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