How do you find relationships today?

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asked Jan 9 in Other-Environment by Kraner (270 points)

Hello. Well, if there really is someone who wants to meet online, then I would recommend going to and start communicating here. What I like about this site is that the girls write first and the fact that there has never been a problem with registration - it's free. I can also say that there are no scammers and swindlers here, as the site administrators immediately block it. I recommend this great dating site to everyone. How do you find relationships today?

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answered Jan 25 by Andret (3,560 points)
Many people use dating sites and I think it is normal. Why not. There are a lot of different apps to try.
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answered Jan 25 by Karont (4,060 points)

Yeah, Andret is right. You can always try online dating and from my personal experience I can say that it really works. Some people will say that it is something like scam, but it is not true. If you are interested and want to try, hot russian women are always waiting for you;)

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answered Jan 26 by KateFreeone (410 points)
Eh, remember the main rule: veni vidi vici.

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