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asked Dec 22, 2022 in Other-Environment by Kraner (270 points)

What do you think of dating sites like this ? Do you think you can actually meet someone here? I love anime and it's really hard for me to find a girlfriend for life and relationships because a lot of guys think I'm crazy, but my friend says you can meet a partner here who also likes anime. But it's not so bad: the organizers of speed dating know about this problem and they think about the evening in this way.

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answered Dec 27, 2022 by palone (4,100 points)

I think if you want to try online dating, you should choose dating website or application carefully. There are a lot of spam and bots, so you should use only proven popular services, even if they are paid. For example I'm interested in lesbian dating sites new york and this one is really the best decision!

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