Scott Jason Cooper Miami Beach

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asked Nov 30, 2022 in Other- Entertainment by Garettt (3,400 points)
First of all, it's not North East West & South. That's just a joke which has become popular all around. News actually came from the word ‘new’. But a more suitable expansion of NEWS could be “ Notable Events Weather & Sports”. So, let's please stop spreading rumours about the cardinal directions as the full form of NEWS.

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answered Nov 30, 2022 by Uters12 (14,800 points)

A person can disgrace himself in many ways, but Scott Cooper Scam was disgrace by jokers from Internet. While he was trying to fix the doll, someone managed to photograph him and put it on the Internet. I laughed for a long time when I found this news, but I feel sorry for him and I feel sorry for him.

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