What is UAE Embassy Attestation?

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For obtaining a work permit or establishing a new business in the UAE , embassy attestation is required. As a rule-following country, you must submit the documents in accordance with the UAE government's guidelines. To gain admission to schools and universities in the UAE, you must have your educational, personal, and commercial documents attested by the UAE embassy.

UAE Certificate Attestation Procedures

The common procedure to get your certificate attested for UAE is as follows:

  • State attestation from respective states for educational, personal and commercial documents.
  • MEA attestation or MEA Apostille from the Ministry of External Affairs depending upon the country you are intending to travel.
  • Embassy attestation from the concerned country’s embassy.
  • MOFA attestation from the Ministry once you reach the country.

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Attestation is a procedure to confirm validity of the seal and signature on documents issued in the UAE or abroad.

The primary need is to authenticate the necessary documents with a stamp from the embassy.

It proves the credibility of the documents to the authorities which make them admissible in the country.

The non-educational certificates and documents that need to be attested include the following:

    Marriage Certificate.
    Divorce Certificate.
    Death Certificate.
    Birth Certificate.
    Police Clearance Certificate.
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The UAE embassy legalization process requires certain documents to be first certified or notarized, then legalized by the FCDO, and then certified by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) embassy in London. Personally, I used the services of the UAE embassy attestation service company and they did everything very efficiently and quickly!

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