Help me unlock my Ford radio code

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asked Oct 23, 2022 in Repairs/Maintenance by pawpaw (2,800 points)
hello everyone,

my ford radio is blocked and I need some kind of code. Does anyone know a solution to the problem? I found a couple of services on the Internet, but they are mostly paid and I'm not sure if they will help. Is there any solution? Where else can I get this code?

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answered Oct 23, 2022 by Wenja921 (29,120 points)
To unlock your Ford Radio Code you can do the following and it should unlock the Ford radio code.

Switch Radio On - Display Shows CODE with " - - - - " flashing.
Press preset " 1 " repeatedly for 1st Digit.
Press preset " 2 " repeatedly for 2nd Digit.
Press preset " 3 " repeatedly for 3rd Digit.
Press preset " 4 " repeatedly for 4th Digit.
If the correct code number is now shown Press RH Tuning Button " > " to Enter.

To unlock your Ford radio without the code.

Turn on the ignition.
If the screen says CODE then turn off the radio.
Press and hold the Power/Volume button for 40-50 seconds.
It should unlock your radio in under a minute.

If you require the radio code for your Ford vehicle, please check for the Security Code card which comes in the same pack as your Owner's Manual and any other documents provided by your point of sale.

If you still need help, make contact with a Ford Authorized Dealer or Repairer for further assistance.
commented Oct 23, 2022 by pawpaw (2,800 points)
I'll try. Thank you so much for the reply!
commented Oct 24, 2022 by pawpaw (2,800 points)
By the way, I was also looking for a solution to the problem on various forums yesterday. And I found this site . It generates codes for free. You just need to enter the serial number and you will receive a code to unlock your Ford radio. I've checked and everything works well. So if suddenly someone encounters a similar problem, the easiest option is to use this service (or some similar one). Save your precious time and nerves
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answered Mar 20, 2023 by Andrew_Clarkson (7,110 points)
I can suggest to pay attention to only trusted services where you can get a fast help in repair and diagnostics.
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answered Jun 3, 2023 by oscariooo (190 points)

You can also use the decodemyradio service. They provide codes for different cars - Renault, Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Ford. By the way for Ford, they offer 100% free to use, your unlock code is delivered via email within 24 hours. For a small fee they provide an instant on screen decoding service, which is great if you are in a hurry to unlock your radio.

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