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asked Aug 28, 2022 in Other-Finance by Mistejo (340 points)
I want to deposit half of my free cryptocurrency in a casino. I know about the existence of crypto-casinos, but I am wondering which one is the best. Which of these casinos would even be suitable for a beginner? Give me a hint.

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answered Aug 28, 2022 by bablsnuser (500 points)

Yes, crypto-casinos have existed for a very long time and the best of them can be called probably only FuryBet. This is not only a crypto-casino, you can use and win their even real currency, such as dollars and euros. The best slot for a newcomer to this casino would be Dark Wolf Slot. I am sure that you will like it, as it is simple in mechanics and very interesting in the process.

commented Aug 28, 2022 by Mistejo (340 points)
To be honest, I did not really like the slot that you advised me. But overall, the casino itself is quite good and I rate it at ten out of ten.
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answered Sep 23, 2022 by vtorosort (1,280 points)
Give me recommendations on how to choose an online casino. I just never played and unfortunately I have no experience in it. Can you tell me how to be?
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answered Sep 23, 2022 by palmariums (1,020 points)

Hi, I think the best online casino is the one that is licensed and has a wide variety of games. These casinos allow you to decide for yourself when and what you want to play. Therefore, in search of such casinos, I recommend After all, here you can find the best online casinos to be sure that you will play in the best of them.

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