Features of buying real estate in Ottawa

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The Canadian government is committed to preservation, but it is also committed to attracting foreign investors. I want to be one of them. Do you know anything about the specifics of buying property in Canada and is it easy to get there?
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That's a good question to think about

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Foreigners can buy a variety of real estate in the country. To make the purchase and sale does not need to prepare any documents, it is best to contact a real estate agency https://prian.info/gb/canada/houses/mansion/, where you will do everything and get rid of risks, and even with the help of a search will find the necessary real estate on your preferences. Canada is among the countries where the standard of living is high, and property prices are still relatively low. Therefore, it is considered one of the most attractive countries for real estate investments.

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answered Aug 27 by hiloss9 (510 points)
Owning your own home in Canada will not give you residency, but it will be a solid basis to get a visitor's visa. And this is a huge bonus, because while you own the house, the visa allows you to stay in the country half of each year. Real estate in Canada (which any foreigner can buy) - a key asset for those who plan to permanently move to the Maple Leaf Land.

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