What is special about curly pixie cut?

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What is special about curly pixie cut?

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A curly pixie cut is a short haircut for women with naturally curly hair that's cropped into layers, creating a tousled effect. An all-time trend that first blew up in the '60s, this universally flattering curly short hairstyle is loved by many women for its volume, definition, and high fashion appeal!
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Pixies are great short haircuts for curly hair as they are lower maintenance and let you embrace your natural hair texture -without the weight of having long locks.  If you’re the type who loves a messy, get-up-and-go look and have less time to spend styling each morning, well,  curly pixie cut https://lovehairstyles.com/curly-pixie-cut/  
Curly pixies are not just an everyday hairstyle but also fitting for night-outs and formal happenings.

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