What is an international trader?

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Since 2009, China is said to be the world's top exporter of products. International trading is the worldwide trade of goods and services for higher quality and lower prices. Trading globally exposes individuals and nations to products and services that are not readily available in their countries or are more costly.

Similarly, an international trader typically trades abroad on goods and services that he finds to be of higher quality, demand, availability, or price than in his home country. Their duties as international traders are to align international trading processes for a firm, their purpose, or their own company while adhering to all legal regulations associated with exchanging goods, equipment, or items from one nation to the other.

 International trade is classified into three types: export, import, and entrepot. Export means the sale of products and resources beyond the country, whereas import means transferring assets into the nation. Entrepot Trading or re-export is a blend of export and import trade. It relates to importing commodities between one country and exporting them to another, providing value to them. Visit Eastern European Institute for Trade to know more.

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