Surfing and board selection

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From early childhood, in movies and TV shows, we have seen colorful pictures: tanned, fit guys on the ocean coast conquering the waves, happily smiling and winking at each other. But your flight of fancy was stopped by thoughts of thousands of kilometers that separated you from the ocean. But is surfing really not available in our country? The stereotype that surfing is only practiced on the coasts bordering the ocean has long been debunked. Nowadays, there are several varieties of surfing that do not even need waves to practice. But what is classic surfing?
Surfing is riding on the water surface with the help of a special light board - surf. People who "catch" the waves on the boards are called surfers.
The main requirement for surfing is lightness and practicality. As a rule, the board is selected individually for the surfer, depending on his physique.
There are several types of surfboards:
Longboard (linear) - about 3m;
Shortboard (short) - from 180 cm;
Retro Fish (fish) - similar to a shortboard, but has a bifurcation that resembles a fishtail;
Gan (pistol) - has a pointed end to cut through large waves;
Fan Board - universal board, size - 2.5 meters.
For the best connection to the board, surfers use wax. It prevents unintended slips by keeping the surfer's feet in contact with the board. Wax is applied to the surface of the surf in three layers: base, main, and "comb".

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Hello. Surfing is definitely an extreme sport. You are threatened not only by bruises and abrasions that occur during the collision of a surfer with a board and water but also by hypothermia of the body. The best protection is a wetsuit. If you don't have enough surf gear on I buy everything you need. What I like about this site is that it has everything and does not have to look for equipment all over the Internet. Good equipment will extend your possible time in the water and protect you from unwanted consequences.

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