Why are people obsessed with luxury watches?

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asked Apr 29, 2022 in Makeup by niggaballs2009 (18,740 points)
People in general tend to develop obsessions. All people who are world-class in anything they do, are obsessive about this. The more serious anyone is about anything, the more it becomes an obsession. This does not need to be useful. It could be anything. Luxury watches are on the more harmless side of the spectrum.

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answered Apr 29, 2022 by Jidyer (2,630 points)

Wristwatches emphasize the taste and appearance of their owner, they speak of the wealth and social status of a woman, сheck womens diamond watches for more details. In order for a watch to complement your image and be close in spirit, it is not enough just to pick it up according to the parameters or choose a fashionable popular model. You need to know the main characteristics of watches, which can affect their comfort, appearance and practicality.

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answered Oct 31, 2022 by tennisboy (6,400 points)
Hello! Where is the best place to sell watches?
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answered Oct 31, 2022 by boygoldme (5,400 points)

Hi all! I can't recommend places to sell watches, but I can share information on the best places to buy cheap luxury watches. For me, the best online store is Mio. I have already purchased more than one watch for myself here. I also bought a watch as a gift for my friend. What I really like about this store is that there is a huge selection of different watches that are always in stock. Also pleased with the fast delivery. I recommend this store to everyone!

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