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asked Apr 26 in Makeup by Grant (1,760 points)
Do you think cool little keepsakes like jewelry are nice and interesting for a wedding day gift? Maybe you like the idea, think about it

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answered Apr 26 by Harolddoo (650 points)

Hey! As for me, if you want everyone to remember you at the wedding as the brightest and most stylish guest, then you should pay attention to these pave diamond earrings . As for me, wearing such a bracelet for a wedding will definitely attract the views of all the guests of this event. Hope my advice helps you.

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answered Jun 10 by inessa8 (3,940 points)
Wedding is a wonderful day, it is really special and magnificent event
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answered Jun 10 by minsy77 (4,670 points)

Finally received my dream dress today, couldn’t be more excited! I really wanted a very decent looking but down to earth kind of dress. I wanted to go minimalist at first, but at the very last minute changed my mind :) I fell in love with the Enn dress because I think it represents me kinda, I love the floral embroidery around the torso. It is just so pretty! And it looks really dreamy to me the way it kind of scatters around the hips! I think it made my waist look smaller and yet my hips a little bigger, and it's also like a very gentle sparkling from the skirt. I chose the light ivory shade because it's the prettiest! I am very satisfied with the way the dress fits me and the quality too! Definitely a recommendation.

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answered Jul 28 by Omeres (2,580 points)

Hello, the main rule for the guest and the very first thing to remember is the ban on absolutely white or black attire. White color should rightfully belong only to the bride, even if her dress is not pure white, but ash or peach. For example, in specialized stores on, you can choose mother of the bride dresses, which can be of various colors other than white and black.

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answered Sep 15 by MarkSlim (220 points)

Why not. Working with wedding photographers in San Francisco, I have been to many weddings. Jewelry has always excited couples, especially if it's for two people. Bracelets and rings as two parts of one whole, name engraving or vow text. These are very good and interesting ideas.

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