Does anyone else think that Luvs diapers smell awful?

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asked Jan 16 in Toddler/Preschooler by Judy (28,640 points)
Does anyone else think that Luvs diapers smell awful?

Whenever I babysit my nephew and open up a Luvs diaper to change him the fresh clean Luvs diapers make me gag and about take my breath away because of that scent that Luvs diapers have.

Anyone else notice this? I also notice that there's an awful smell when my nephew has a wet Luvs diaper. When the urine mixes with that Luvs diaper scent the diaper smells worse than poop. lol

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answered Jan 16 by Jodie (16,900 points)
Luvs diapers are good diapers but I do agree that the smell of them is awful especially when you freshly open a package or when the child has a wet diaper the smell seems to get worse.

I wish Luvs would get rid of that awful scent they add to their diapers. It's not needed and I personally think that the poop in the diaper smells much better than the scent that Luvs diapers uses in there diapers.

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