How to handle tantrums of an 8 year old?

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asked Jan 13 in Adolescent by Tomalo (150 points)
How to handle tantrums of an 8 year old?

My nephew who is 8 years old and I babysit him sometimes. Whenever I babysit my 8 year old nephew he always seems to throw a tantrum every time.

What should I do to handle the tantrums of an 8 year old boy?

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answered Jan 13 by Adf289 (23,030 points)
First you should try taking away anything fun that he might have with him such as tablet, phone, video game etc.

Ground him from watching TV or using the computer or whatever he does for fun don't let him do those fun things.

If all else fails give him a good spanking for his tantrum. Never give into a tantrum because if you do give into a child's tantrum they will then know that if they throw a tantrum they'll get their way and you don't want to start that.

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