How do I get my toddler to keep her clothes on?

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asked Jan 13 in Toddler/Preschooler by Tomalo (150 points)
How do I get my toddler to keep her clothes on?

My toddler keeps taking her clothes off and running around the house naked. How can I get my toddler to stop removing her clothes?

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answered Jan 14 by Lilly21 (27,370 points)
I bet that your toddler is laughing when she removes her clothes and runs around the house naked right?

She's likely doing it because she likes the attention she's getting and likes the reaction she's getting from you.

If you're laughing along with her then stop doing that. She's testing you and she thinks it's okay because mom is not taking it seriously.

I would tell her firmly that she is to not remove her clothes in public areas such as your living room or anywhere else when other people are around.

If she continues to do it, then put her clothes back on and make her sit in timeout for awhile every time she does it.

You might also have to resort to a good ole fashioned spanking depending on how old she is.

This phase will eventually pass though and you both will look back at this time years later and laugh.

Maybe get some pictures and then show them at her graduation? lol Nah I wouldn't do that unless she consents to the pictures being shown when she graduates.

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