Is it wrong to spank your kids for punishment?

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asked Jan 13 in Parenting by Alvin L (170 points)
Is it wrong to spank your kids?

What do you think of parents spanking their kids for punishment? Do you think it's wrong for parents to spank their kids or is spanking a good punishment?

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answered Jan 13 by Adf289 (22,840 points)
Spanking is not wrong if done right for punishment. There's a difference between actual abuse and just spanking.

I was spanked with my dad's belt as a child and I'm glad he did spank me as I'm sure I would've wound up in prison if he hadn't.

He spanked me with that belt when I did wrong because he loved me. I didn't realize it at the time but that's why he spanked me with that belt because he wanted me to do good.

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